About Us

I had always been an advocate for female wardrobe fashion solutions.
I believe that a woman should always dress her best and look her best.

It’s not a matter of how much you spend on your clothing as much as it is your level of taste.
No matter if it be a pair of jeans and a simple T-Shirt or a much more elaborate all fit, sharp is sharp.
Every girl must get her act together and put a little effort into her looks.
Over the past 10 years I have purchased just about every silicone bra, nipple cover, and tapes.
I often found that by the middle of the day, the item would find its way on the floor, making for pretty embarrassing moments.

One snowy day in New York City, my 4 daughters were at home and we were not going anywhere.
We found ourselves criticizing just about every fashion accessory out there.
And then we had that "Moment"!
My 4 girls looked at me and said "Mom, you would be great at this"
During their summer vacation we all made a trip and started visiting all different types of factories.
The conditions were not the greatest.
Upon our return we explained all the challenges of getting quality merchandise out of these places and we were about to throw in the towel and then my husband perked up and said No Problem, just build your own factory! We all looked at him like he was crazy and one week later he was on a plane and stayed overseas for 4 months.

One afternoon, we received a phone call and he asked, "would you like to come to your grand opening?"
Since that time, we have produced some of the finest fashion accessories that can be found anywhere.
We even have our own packaging department which helps turn out our hip presentation boxes.
My 4 daughters and I work together 5 days a week have built a most chic accessory brand.
We invented the famous Camel Toe concealer and the much-coveted breast tape.
I am so proud of them and their novel ideas.
Although some of our competitors have already knocked off our breast tape idea, its good to know that some people are innovators, and some are just imitators.
We currently hold 7 trademarks 4 copyrights 3 patents and are patent pending on our breast tape.
We welcome you to try out some of our solutions. Sold on our own website and a handful of selective boutiques.
Pssst: Be on the lookout for our up and coming clear breast tape.

Carolyn Sitt