Nipple Concealer


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  • Introducing the World's GREATEST Nipple Covers
  • There are Many Different Nipple Covers for Sale, but None Are Like Ours.
  • After Endless Hours, We Developed 3 Molds That Produce the Thinnest and Most Comfortable Nipple Covers.
  • We Guarantee That You Will Never Switch Back to the Others Again.
  • Goes Discretely Under Swimwear Dresses, Blouses, Shirts, T-Shirts, etc....

What makes Silicone Valley Different?

  • It Begins with Our Own Custom Molds.
  • We Make the Finest Silicone Molds Money Can Buy and Make Our Products in a State-of-The-Art Facility.
  • To make a silicone mold, it requires making what we call a jacket mold before making the silicone mold because this is what the silicone will attach to and will be the inner workings of the mold.
  • Most Other Manufacturers Use Urethane Molds Which Are Not Able to Produce the Fine Edge Needed to Contour to a Woman's Body.

3 Sizes Available

  • AA: For Teens - 6 cm Diameter
  • ABC: Medium Size - 8 cm Diameter
  • D+: Largest Size Nipple Cover - 10 cm Diameter

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